Oliso TG-1050 Smart Iron Review

Oliso TG1050 1600 Watts Smart Iron
Retail Price: Varies based on product options
Amazon Price: $99.99
The Oliso TG-1050 Smart Iron has truly brought back the joy of ironing. Ironing was the worst part of laundry for me, especially after spending years working in the garment industry.

One of the biggest reasons that I hated ironing was because of how tedious it was, I was constantly doing the same thing over and over again, but now with the Oliso TG-1050 ironing has not only become fun again, but it has also made it easier.

One of the best things about this iron is how quickly it heats up, all I have to do is adjust the temperature setting with the selector controls, and a light will signal when the iron is ready. Once the iron has heated up, I can simply start tackling the pile of clothes needing my attention.

Part of the pain of ironing was how long it takes to get through a pile of clothes because of how often the iron ends up getting snagged on the clothes. The Oliso TG-1050 never gets hung up due to its rolled soleplate.


  • iTouch Technology – Perhaps the biggest selling point of this iron is that it is a smart iron due to the iTouch technology that is being used. The iTouch technology takes all of the work out of ironing, no more having to lift up the iron once you are done. With the iTouch technology, the iron can lift up and lower all on its own. How this works is the digital sensors found inside the handle of the iron.

  • Fist great in narrow spots and handles pockets and buttons with ease – One problem with irons is that they don’t often fit into tight spots, but with the narrow tip, the TG-1050 fits into the tightest spots with ease. The iron also has a 1-1/2 inch detailer that allows eh iron to easily glide over pockets and buttons, no more having to maneuver around the edges or buttons.

  • 3 Way Steam Along With Anti-Drip System – The iron comes with three way steam that allows users to have continuous steam, or vertical or horizontal steam while ironing. The anti-drip system is a great feature because it prevents water spots from forming on the clothes due to accidental water drips, even if you are calling for steam.

  • Automatic Shut Off Feature – Unlike other irons that only shut off the iron if it has been left on for an extended period of time this iron comes with a variety of automatic shut off options. The iron’s shut off features are timed for certain events that can take place. For example, if the iron is knocked over the iron will turn off in 30 seconds, if it is left idle it will shut off after 8 minutes, and if it is left laid down with the iTouch technology overridden it will shut off in 3 minutes.


  • Stays lying flat – I think the worst thing about this iron is that it doesn’t stand upright when you are done with it, instead it lays flat. While many people will probably think I am silly for thinking of this as the worst feature it doesn’t matter, everything else about the iron is simply outstanding. Even this feature is nice; it just takes some getting used to.

The Oliso TG-1050 Smart Iron combines the iron with state of the art technology. While it might take a while to adjust to an iron that moves at the touch of a hand the convenience of not having to lift up or set down the iron is well worth it. The best part is people often think new technology means a higher priced tag, but this iron is very reasonably priced for everything it is offering.

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