Rowenta Acti Steam Iron Review

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The Rowenta Acti Steam Iron, which is made in Germany, is one of the best irons currently on the market. I have owned Rowenta brand irons for years and I have never been disappointed. The Acti Steam Iron comes with a stainless steel soleplate to help prevent any rust. Some people prefer the aluminum but I happen to like the stainless steel myself to me it provides a smoother glide.

The anti-drip feature that comes equipped with the Acti Steam is another great feature because it prevents any water damage to the fabrics. With the extra-large water tank I can honestly iron for hours without having to refill the water, which means I can get through the pile faster and move onto something else.


  • Automatic shut off – To me this is the most important feature because I have a tendency to walk away from my irons when they are still on. The Acti Steam Iron will shut itself off after it hasn’t been used for eight minutes, as long as it is in the upright position. Even better is that it will also shut off after thirty seconds if it is left flat or on its side with o motion, which is a great safety feature because it goes a long way towards preventing accidental fires.

  • Comes with a water pitcher – One of the hardest things about any steam iron is filling up the water tank, I always seem to spill water down the side of the iron if I am filling it in the sink, using a funnel set up is a little easier though. The Acti Steam comes with its own water pitcher, which makes filling the iron a breeze.

  • Self-Cleaning – While some irons require you to use distilled water to help prevent any buildup inside the iron itself with the Rowenta brand no distilled water is to be used because it increases the chance of leaks. Ultra soft water must also be avoided, which increases the chance of mineral buildup in the iron due to the harder water being used. To help prevent this, the Acti Steam comes with a self-cleaning feature, but I still find myself taking the iron apart to thoroughly clean it on occasion.

  • Pro-Vertical Steam And Other Useful Features – Most irons cannot be used on a vertical position, which is why they have created pressure irons and garment steamers. The Acti Steam is one of the few irons that can be used in a vertical position, which is one of the bestselling features in my opinion. The iron also comes with a spray mist feature, variable steam options along with a steam burst option for that extra steam on the most stubborn wrinkles.


  • Not enough steam vents – The only problem with this iron is that it doesn’t have enough steam vents. My other Rowentas had plenty of steam vents that you could see on the soleplate of the iron, but not this one. I wish it had a few more, but I think that would just make me feel better because truly it probably doesn’t make much of a difference. Despite the fewer steam vents when compared to other irons the Acti Steam still gets out even the most stubborn wrinkles.

The Rowenta Acti Steam Iron might not be the highest priced iron on the market, but it certainly delivers the most bang for their buck. With all of the features the Acti Steam comes with users will not be disappointed in this purchase. Not to mention the one year limited manufacturer warranty that it comes with, just in case something is defective on the iron.

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