Rowenta DG8030 Expert Steam Generator Review

For people who are looking for an iron that will make the tedious task of ironing easier and faster the Rowenta DG8030 Expert Steam Generator is the best choice around. I have owned numerous Rowenta brand irons in the past and I have never once regretted purchasing one, they all seem to hold up extremely well and last for years on end. One of the best things about this particular model is the continuous steam that it provides allowing me to get out the most stubbornness of wrinkles in the toughest fabrics. In addition, if I need a little extra steam all I have to do is pull the trigger and I get a blast of steam that quickly penetrates deeper into the fabric than any other iron I have ever used.


  • Variable Steam Option – One of the bestselling features that the Rowenta Expert comes with is he variable steam options. To me this is necessary with any type of steam option because there comes a time where I need to control how much steam is being used. For example, if I am ironing thick fabrics, such as jeans I need to be able to have heavy steam to get those wrinkles out. With delicate fabrics, I only need a small amount of steam to get the job done.

  • Iron rest – Another great feature with the Rowenta Expert is that it comes equipped with an iron rest that allows me to store the power cord and steam hose. The rest also fits on most ironing boards, which gives me a place to store my iron when not in use. The base is also heat resistant so I don’t have to worry about cooling the iron down before using it.

  • Easy to fill water tank –One of the worst things with any irons is the water tank, many of them are hard to refill. One of the best things about the Rowenta Expert is how easy the water tank is to fill, and there is no waiting for the iron to cool down when it needs to be refilled. The water tank is also easy to see through, so the water level can easily be checked. A low water level light comes on when the tank needs to be refilled.

  • Extra-long hose and cords – Most pressure irons come with an extremely short hose that connects the iron to the generator, but this one comes with a six-foot hose. For me this is great because I can have the generator located underneath the ironing board rather than on top of it so I have plenty of room to do my ironing. The power cord is also extra-long for a total of 12 feet, so I can really plug it in anywhere I want and not worry about running out of room to move.


  • Vertical steaming doesn’t work very well – Although I didn’t buy this iron for vertical steaming I will admit, it was a nice selling point. The vertical steam option does work, but just not enough in my opinion for me to be able to do drapes. When the trigger is first held in for vertical steaming the amount of steam being produced is great, but that quickly drops off making it hard to get any wrinkles out.

The Rowenta DG8030 Expert Steam Generator is a great choice for a steam iron. I will admit it is a bit on the pricey side, but it is well worth the purchase. With all of the extra features that the iron comes with, not to mention how much money I save on dry cleaning each year I have never once regretted making the purchase. As an added bonus, you will get a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty in case something on the iron is defective.

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