Smarttek ST-X100N Pressure Iron and Steamer Review

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The Smarttek ST-X100N Pressure Iron and Steamer is one of the best things t hit the market for people who do a lot of ironing. Working in the garment industry, I used to do a ton of ironing and now that I am at home, I find myself still doing quite a bit of ironing. The Smarttek ST-X100N has changed how I view ironing because it has actually made my job easier.

With the Smarttek ST-X100N, I no longer have to worry about constantly adjusting the garment on an ironing board, as well as making sure that the iron is placed in just the right spot. The reason for this is that the pressure iron and steamer can be used in a vertical position, as well as a horizontal position.

Another huge advantage to using this unit is that it doesn’t require much arm pressure, if you have to use ay at all. When I used my old iron, I had to push down on the iron for several minutes at a time to ensure all of the wrinkles were out, with the pressure iron and steamer I simply glide the iron over the garment or even move the iron in front of the garment to get out even the most stubborn wrinkles.


  • Boiler rather than a water tank – Rather than having to worry about refilling a water tank constantly the Smarttek ST-X100N has a boiler that is located at the base of the unit. The base is where the water is stored, so it is kept away from the iron itself. Being away from the iron means no more water stains or water damage to any of your garments. As an added bonus, the boiler allows the water to obtain a higher temperature quickly, which can also cut down on your ironing time.

  • Presses silks and other delicate fabrics – One of the worst things about irons is that they cannot be used one every type of fabric. While some of them claim, they can be used on wool or any other delicate fabrics once you try it out they end up damaging the fabric rather than pressing them perfectly. This iron doesn’t do that despite how powerful t is.

  • Steam ready light – Another amazing feature of the pressure iron and steamer is he steam ready light. This light will turn on to indicate that the pressure iron is hot enough to begin producing steam.

  • Simple adjustments – One thing that I truly love about this pressure iron is how simple it is to use, no worrying about trying to understand how to actually use the iron. The straightforward design of the pressure iron is great, no fancy knobs or buttons to worry about. The only knob located on the machine is a temperature adjustment knob.


  • Takes a bit to warm itself up – This iron is not made for quick ironing jobs, so I still have to keep another iron handy. The pressure iron and steamer itself takes up to ten minutes to warm up enough to start producing any kind of steam. However, even though I have to use another iron for the quick jobs this pressure iron ad steamer is so great that I simply can’t do without it.

The Smarttek ST-X100N Pressure Iron and Steamer is the most basic thing that you could ask for. The pressure iron is simple to use, no fancy knobs that have to be figured out, you simply turn it on and adjust the temperature control knob, there isn’t even an automatic shut off. For a reasonable price, this pressure iron can handle 1200 stitches per minute and comes with a skip stitch setting.

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