Steam Irons vs Steam Pressers – A Comparison

Steam Irons vs Steam Pressers – A ComparisonSteam pressers have been around almost as long as steam irons. They are typically used in professional dry cleaning and laundering establishments for which they were designed to be a much easier and time saving way to iron clothes. It was only a matter of time before steam iron producing manufacturers revamped the design and reduced the size to make steam pressers more consumer-friendly and affordable for use in the home. Although they serve almost the same purpose, there are some distinct differences and limitations to the use of each.

Steam Irons

Clothing irons have been around for centuries and the advent of electricity led to the incorporation of steam in the design. Changes have been made in the design and standards have been implemented to make the appliance safer and more convenient than in years past. One thing will remain constant: it takes good old fashioned elbow grease to manually move the iron back and forth to press the fabric.

When comparing the steam iron to a steam presser, the stand out difference is the maneuverability. Getting into corners and ironing shirt cuffs can be considered by some to be better accomplished by a hand held steam iron. For many people, ironing is a kind of labor of love in which attention to detail and a certain amount of mastery must be obtained.

Another benefit of the steam iron is storage. Ironing boards fold flat to slide easily into closets or in between furniture or other places. Iron cords retract or are wrapped around the iron and it is placed on a shelf until the next use. Unless a person is accustomed to having their clothes professionally laundered or dry cleaned, we all pretty much accept the imperfections of ironing and rarely notice them. The chore and the results are practically traditional.

Steam Pressers

Steam pressers have been used for many years by professionals and with good reason. The design of the steam presser allows one to lay the clothing item on the board and close the hinged top down onto it as the heat and steam presses it. This removes the need to move the iron back and forth.

The steam presser is iron and ironing board all in one. It produces professional looking creases in shirts and pants. It also removes the need of turning the clothing over to press the other side.

Steam pressers usually have higher heat and steam capabilities. The ironing is completed faster and with less labor and potential damage to the clothes.

A drawback of the steam presser is the decreased ability to perform 360 degree ironing. It is not easy to iron a skirt without getting creases on the steam presser. On an ironing board, one would normally place the skit so that the board is inside of it to allow for even ironing all the way around. The construction of the presser makes this difficult due to the attachment of the top plate to the board.

Steam pressers can be placed on a table top but most models require strong stands for stability. It is not convenient to break it down for storage and take it out again for the next use. People who own steam pressers usually prefer to leave them set up in a permanent place.