The Many Ways You Can Use Steam Irons

The Many Ways You Can Use Steam IronsIn addition to removing wrinkles from clothing and making sharp creases, steam irons can serve many uses in the home. Steam has many rejuvenating and restorative qualities and steam irons enable us to harness and focus it for many functions.

Restore Crushed Carpet

It is common for long standing furniture to leave an indentation on the carpet once it has been moved. Fluff the crushed fibers with a spoon – using a brush could damage carpet weave or fibers – and aim the steam from the iron at the crushed area. Do not apply the iron directly to the carpet.

Reattach or Remove Loose Floor Tiles

Vinyl floor tiles commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms can often become loose when the adhesive dries out or after excessive moisture. Make sure the tile is placed properly. Cover the tile with a sheet of aluminum foil. Use a glove or heat resistant mitt to hold the foil in place while ironing over with a hot steam iron set on low steam and high heat. Be careful because the aluminum foil will become very hot.

Place a solid piece of furniture or a stack of books on top of the tile to hold it in place while the glue dries.

The same procedure can be used to remove vinyl floor tiles. Use a putty knife to lift the tile up after heating. Vinegar is good to use to remove residue from the adhesive.

Melted Wax Removal

Wax that has hardened onto linens can be easily removed by ironing over a layer of 2-3 paper towels placed on top of the wax. The reheated wax will stick to the paper towels so remove them after each pass with the iron to prevent it from re-sticking back onto the fabric.

Refresh Table Linens

Ironing the creases out of stored table cloths is a standard chore for the steam iron. Creases and wrinkles can also be steamed out while the table cloth is on the table. It is best not to press dirty linens but hanging creases an last minute refreshing just takes a couple of squirts of steam. Linen napkins are much more impressive when ironed, too.

Wood Furniture Fixes

Steam from the iron can be used to fix small dents in wood furniture. Use a pin to poke several small holes in the dent. Place a cloth over the dent. Apply steam from the iron above the cloth so that it flows through to the wood. The steam will cause the wood to expand and fill the dent back in.

Furniture Slipcovers

Creases and wrinkles on fabric slip covers can either be steamed out on the ironing board or while on the furniture. It is best to remove the slipcovers and iron them inside out on the board. If steaming the furniture, do not apply the steam iron directly to the fabric.

Steaming Curtains

Although curtains and drapes can be ironed on the board, it is a tedious and awkward task. Pressed curtains are often wrinkled by the hanging process. It is often more convenient to run the iron up and down the curtains where they hang to remove wrinkles and creases.